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If you are thinking about coming out to Doak to watch your Seminoles play – and hang out with your Florida State family – the FSU ticket office has created a variety of ticket packages to provide nearly unlimited flexibility. And be sure to check out our story on economical flights and lodging options too.

FSU fans have been asking for flexible ticket offers for years so it was good to see athletic director David Coburn respond to those requests.  

“You got to give people what they want,” Coburn said.

To get a butt on every seat you need a package for every need and in this article we examine the offerings.

FSU now has a plan for every need as school officials have added to their traditional single-game, three-game pack or season-ticket offering by adding a couple of very innovative products we’ll examine below.

The season ticket will remain the best value for those who know they are coming to most of the games, love their seat location and the people around them. These packages are for the other Seminoles who want to support but need more flexibility in their lives.

Enhanced flexibility with the three-game pack

We’ll start with a common-sense twist on a traditional theme with the three-game pack and then expand from there.

The customer can now choose those three games, which fit their schedule rather than a “fixed” three-game plan, where FSU chooses for you. Everyone needs to be able to choose, so this is a big improvement.

Where the seats are located: Sections 8 to 12, sections 15-16 and sections 27-28 with price points based on location ranging from $105 per seat to $190 per seat, depending on location and whether you select Miami or not. I chose Louisville, NC State and Syracuse for $135 per seat in section 12, row 61. A three-game pack with Miami, NC State and Syracuse in a similar section is $190.

Who is the audience?: Three packs are for people who like the traditional hard ticket and want to sit in the same seat but can’t commit to a six-game season ticket. If you can commit to three dates, and you want to sit in the same seats, the three-game pick-a-plan may be for you. If you are not sure about your dates, the flex plan, which we will visit in a moment, may be the deal for you.

Three games in the Dunlap Champions Club

Choose any three games in the Dunlap Champions Club for $699, which includes a reserved club seat, food and beverage (soft drinks) with access to a cash bar air-conditioned club level, terraces and elevators.

This is a great way to sample the club or for the person who can only commit to three weekends a year.

The Tribe Flex Passes

Don’t know your schedule? A mobile-only flex pass allows you to purchase vouchers at a savings and then redeem them for the games you can attend. It even allows you to vary the number of tickets you use for particular games and who you choose to sit with!

You can buy six vouchers for $340 ($56.66 per game) or 12 vouchers for $570 ($47.50 per game). So a couple could buy the six-voucher flex pack and attend the Miami game and redeem two vouchers for two other games. Or they could use four of their vouchers for the Miami game and redeem two vouchers for one other game.

Seat location: Varies game to game. “The primary location of these seats will be sections 27-29 and 37-39,” said Mark Cameron, Director of Ticket Sales.

Sections 27-29 and 37-39 are in the corners of the west side grandstand, which receives shade first (which is good).

“There could be seats elsewhere included in the random drawing depending on what other sections are not selected by season ticket holders,” Cameron said.

Ticket delivery: Vouchers delivered by mobile app 48 hours before the game.

You can buy now and wait to redeem until 48 hours prior to the game. “We start to redeem late summer and it goes right up until game time,” Cameron said. “Seats will be randomly assigned.”

What’s really cool: If two friends each buy a flex pass and want to sit together at a game, they can simply go into the app and link to the games they want to sit together. Suppose you want to sit together for all the games except Miami (somebody in your group is a Cane fan), so you simply link the games you want to sit together and not the UM game.

“There are steps in the app on how to do the ‘sit with friends’ option and the screen shots are pretty simple,” Cameron reports.

Click here to see how the app works.

“You simply put their email address in and it will send you a text confirming, ‘Jerry, you are now linked with Mark for the following games.’ ”

These packages come with Seminole Booster Iron Arrow level ($70) membership benefits, which FSU will credit toward any membership level you choose for parking or other benefits.

Are flex pack seats guaranteed?: Yes.

Can you sell the Tribe Flex Passes? No, they can’t be sold on Stubhub but the mobile passes can be transferred to friends and family after being redeemed.

The 850 package

Who is the audience? This package is designed for local families, who live in the 850 area code, to buy four full season tickets with a Booster membership ($70) for one low price of $850. But don’t take the name too literally as no one is checking birth certificates or marriage licenses.

If your family includes more or less than four, FSU will pro-rate the price for any family unit. If you don’t live within the 850, you are still in luck.

“We offer something similar,” Cameron said. “It is a $199 season ticket, which requires a $25 per seat donation requirement. So four seats at $224 comes to $896.” Slightly more but close enough.

Where are the seats? Located at the top of sections 15 and 16 (East Side) above the visiting team’s fans with some in sections 27-28 (West Side).

How does it work?: Think traditional season ticket only without the guaranteed right to renew in the same location. You buy the package. FSU sends you tickets (either by mail or email) and you and your family enjoy the same seats every game of the 2019 season.

Is the 850 Package guaranteed in 2020? The pass will be renewable but maybe not in the exact location.

At an average season ticket price of $212.50, or just a little over $35 per person per game, this package does offer a family an affordable way to create family memories on game days.

After listening and talking with thousands of FSU fans over the years, Cameron is pleased with the diversity of the offering.

“We have been meeting for months to give everyone every option we can think of,” Cameron said. “I feel like we are throwing the kitchen sink at everyone.”

As with anything new, Cameron expects phone calls.

“We encourage people to call in and talk to our representatives so we can help them,” Cameron said. “Our goal is to make it easy, and affordable, for everyone to get out to the stadium.”

You can reach a personal representative at (850) 644-1830 line 1. Or you can visit for more information or to purchase tickets.

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