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Florida State University season ticket holders and Seminole Booster members will receive emails today (Wednesday, June 3) with the unique opportunity to select their seats and parking for the 2020 football season. 

Woo hoo! 

In addition to providing information on the seat selection process, the email addresses some of the “what if” questions FSU fans are asking. 

“We understand there is uncertainty surrounding the upcoming football season scheduled to take place this fall. However, until we receive further guidance, we believe it is important that you have an opportunity to upgrade your seating and parking locations in the current configuration,” the email says. “You will be notified once we receive further guidance regarding any changes relating to the upcoming football season. If your current locations are not available due to an alteration in capacity or a change in seating configuration, any movement during the 2020 seating/parking selection process will be recorded and will serve as your starting place for the 2021 selection process.”

In other words, it behooves you to log in to see if you can improve your seat location. It’s a fun and intuitive experience.

The selection process, which will start on Monday, June 8 and end on Friday, June 26, is the same as years past with one improvement: you can choose your parking at the same time you choose your seats.

Returning customers, who are happy with their current seats and/or parking, need to take no action to keep their same location. Those customers who would like to move their seats or parking will have the opportunity to log in and view available seating and parking inventory.

Each account will receive a login day and time to view available seating and parking locations, which are based upon the FSU Ticket Priority system

Home ticket priority and parking selection time is based on current year Seminole Booster annual fund membership level and cumulative priority points earned within each tier: 

  1. Tier I – Legacy Chief and Platinum Chief (+$13,000) and Top 150 donors based on total Priority Points
  2. Tier II – Golden Chief and Silver Chief ($12,999 – $3,250)
  3. Tier III – Tomahawk – Warrior ($3,249 – $650)
  4. Tier IV – Renegade, Brave, Iron Arrow ($649 – $70)

The account holder will have access to log in ahead of time to view the tutorial video but will not be able to view available seating/parking locations or select their seats until their appointed time. 

This is a good year for season ticket holders to log in and take a look around, as renewal rates were down slightly, which means there’s more opportunity for seat improvement. The same could be true for parking as well.

Other Ticket Notes

FSU is proceeding as if the games will be played with fans in the stands. Of course, Gov. Ron DeSantis, local health authorities, the Atlantic Coast Conference, the NCAA or Florida State president John Thrasher could choose to alter that plan based on health concerns. 

The range of possibilities include playing without fans, with 25 percent capacity (about 20,000), 50 percent capacity (39,000) or some other option. Should any of these decisions be made, season ticket holders will be notified of the necessary changes.

Ticket holders have asked

Q: What if the games are not played or are played without fans?

A: Season ticket holders will receive a refund on tickets to games not played or played without fans.

Q: What if the games are played with a reduced capacity? 

A: If capacity is reduced and a season ticket holder does not have the priority to receive a ticket, they will receive a refund for any missed games.

Q: What if the games are played but a season ticket holder is uncomfortable coming to the game?

A: There will be no refund if the game is played however a season-ticket holder may transfer their tickets to another or sell their tickets on Stub Hub, which will become active in mid-August.

We’re more than 90 days away from the home opener. FSU should know a great deal more about the nuances of the 2020 season in the next 30 days and even more within 60 days.

Stay tuned and stay safe to help make this season happen. Sacrifice today; play tomorrow.