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A shared passion for Florida State Athletics among a community of supporters who never waiver in their pride for the Seminoles is what the Seminole Boosters’ “One Tribe Unconquered” fundraising campaign is about.

We all make up this unique community and we all stand as One Tribe Unconquered. It means you can’t wait to brag about your school and teams and you defend their failures because a swipe at FSU feels like a swipe at you.

One should be rewarded for this brand of loyalty, which is exactly why Seminole Boosters and the Athletics Department started the One Tribe Rewards program.

One Tribe Rewards is a year-round loyalty reward program for Seminole Booster members and football season ticket holders. The program is designed to provide you with unique experiences and opportunities as a reward for your commitment to FSU Athletics and Seminole Boosters!

Redeeming your points is as easy as bidding on an auction, entering a sweepstakes, or clicking to redeem now!

What are the rewards?

Members can redeem loyalty points for physical merchandise such as One Tribe branded t-shirts, polos and tote bags, game-worn football jerseys or on-field experiences. 

“Most of our rewards are in-season and are on-field, experienced-based rewards before home games,” said Mark Cameron, Senior Director of Ticket Sales & Service. “Obviously we couldn’t do that in 2020 but we plan to return to hosting on-field experiences in 2021.”

Those experiences include sideline access to feel the energy of the pregame warmup leading up to when Osceola and Renegade take center stage. The unique on-field experiences include family photos with Osceola and Renegade or with the Cheerleaders or Golden Girls. 

It’s easy and automatic to redeem your loyalty points for merchandise or an on-field experience. You simply click on the item on the One Tribe website and those points will be deducted from your total when the item is selected. 

In addition, the One Tribe Rewards program also offers members the opportunity to use their points in fun sweepstakes and auctions for unique items and experiences throughout the year.

“The auction operates like your typical auction on eBay where we offer a one-of-a-kind unique item or experience and people bid on it,” Cameron explained. “If I bid 2000 points and someone bids more for the item, I don’t lose my points.”

The sweepstakes operates just like a raffle entry where members use 100 points per entry into the sweepstakes and lose those points if their entry is not selected.

FSU conducted a sweepstakes in time for the 2020 Holiday Season and has another sweepstakes planned for later in March.

“We had a Dalvin Cook autographed jersey and a ball signed by the entire men’s basketball team, some really unique items we raffled off via sweepstakes,” Cameron said. “It was really cool to see how many people were interested in these unique items.”

Items and points

Florida State wanted to have items and experiences that were unique – priceless – which couldn’t be bought from anyone else. 

“Everyone was asking, ‘How do I get on the field,’ ” Cameron said. “Well, if you register through One Tribe rewards and earn points, you can redeem them for experiences.”

“I can’t put a price tag on taking my kid down on the field to have a picture taken with the cheerleaders, that’s unique to me. Or even if I select an item. The merchandise will be something you can’t just go into the team shop to buy. The game worn jersey or even the One Tribe polo is unique. Its brand is not something you can buy anywhere.”

One Tribe branded T-Shirt (1050)

One Tribe branded FSU Polo (1750)

FSU One Tribe Duffle Bag (2250)

Game worn FSU football jersey (2000)

On-Field Experiences (1500 – 2500 in 2019, could change)

How do you earn and redeem points?

You can earn points by joining Seminole Boosters. The number of points received is based on your level and timing of your contribution. 

You can earn additional points by updating your One Tribe profile with information about yourself including your birth date and contact information, photo, your music preference or even your Twitter or Instagram handle. Each time you update your profile you earn 20 points. 

There’s also rewards for answering questions about your favorite FSU player and other trivia questions. You are also earning points by reading FSU articles on the Unconquered Magazine website or on

Easy, right?

Redemption is just as easy. If you want a One Tribe polo, you simply click on it and the points are automatically deducted from your balance.

Why One Rewards?

One Rewards is a means to provide stewardship and rewards for Seminole Booster members and ticket holders. 

“Providing rewards and access is something we feel strongly about moving forward,” Cameron said. “We will continue to add more unique rewards, experiences and opportunities we want to be exclusive to Seminole Booster members and ticket holders.”

Cameron said the idea was inspired by the Kansas City Chiefs. Yes, the same NFL team who appropriated FSU’s spirited and haunting “war chant.”

Cameron was invited to attend a Chiefs game with a friend, who is a season ticket holder.

“He was actually able to get us down on the field before one of their playoff games, which was really a unique, one-of-a-kind experience,” said Cameron. 

The friend made it happen by redeeming points from the Chiefs’ loyalty rewards platform. 

“It was an awesome experience,” Cameron said. “So I reached out to the Chiefs directly and found they use a company named Skidata, who does loyalty programs for most of the NFL.”

It didn’t take long for Cameron to put the partnership together.

“It’s been unique for us to provide an added benefit for our Boosters and ticket holders, who are able to accumulate points tied to their renewal and loyalty and redeem them for unique experiences on the field or through sweepstakes,” Cameron concluded. 

The recently-started program, which is available to Seminole Booster members and season ticket holders at no additional charge, has already attracted over 2,600 Seminole Booster members. 

“We did four unique sweepstakes items and two were won by people from North Carolina,” Cameron said. “Just like our membership, our One Tribe registrants are from all over the country.”

Be sure to join and sign up for One Tribe

Later in March, there will be another promo code tied to your booster renewal. If you haven’t signed up yet, do so by March 16 and you’ll receive an email with a promo code for 1,000 points on March 17.

If you are a Booster but not registered, use this registration code to sign up OneTr!be19. Please note the exclamation point replaces the “I” in Tribe.

If you are not a Booster yet, please join first and then register.

If you have questions email [email protected].

For more information, visit the FAQ page at