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Florida State athletic director Michael Alford came off the Tuesday spring practice fields with a smile on his face and a couple of important messages to share: Mike Norvell is making the roster better, the department is investing in the program and the priority opportunity to renew your seats and parking closes April 15.

Forget the taxman, save your place for the 2022 season.

One of the benefits of being a season ticket holder is the first right to secure your seats and parking, so if you currently have seats, now’s the time to secure them before the reallocation process begins after April 15. 

“We’ve seen such a response this year because of the excitement of the program. We’ve seen what Mike Norvell has been able to do with his roster and bring in some really exciting players,” Alford said. “It is so important that people renew their season tickets, renew their annual donations because those two components alone represent 50 percent of the athletics budget. So not only does that go to support football, but it also helps us fund our other 19 sports and the student-athlete experience we provide them as well.”

Alford notes FSU is changing experiences in Doak Campbell Stadium this year, which will bring excitement to the field as well as in the stands.

If you were not a season ticket holder in 2021 and thinking of ordering, you can do so now and be in line to select seats that have not been renewed. And you are always welcome to contribute to the program. 

While membership has its benefit, Alford said the most-important reason to join the Boosters or to buy season tickets is the benefit of knowing your contribution makes a difference for your team.

“Not only are you going to have a great time in the stands with the changes that we are doing but you are benefitting all 550 student-athletes,” Alford said. “You are benefitting the programs and the resources we are able to provide those student-athletes.

“We are pacing ahead of the last five years in renewals. People are really excited about the program. I can’t tell you (how exciting it is) with what coach is doing out there and the excitement around the kids and seeing the difference and everything they are putting forward with this upcoming season.”

Alford is investing a significant amount of the athletics budget into the program.

“One for the analytics I did when I got here was to look at our staff compared to our peers because of the changes in the game, the changes in NCAA rules about transfers and everything else,” said Alford, who is in his third month as FSU’s AD. “You have to have people evaluating personnel in the transfer portal, you have to have people for high school. We did an analysis of where we were, where we were compared nationally to our peers – who we want to compare ourselves to. We are not always going to be the top but we want to be competitive and that’s what we are trying to get done now.”

Every donor or ticket holder contribution is incremental revenue that allows FSU to do more.

“Not only does it allow us to do some off-the-field things like the renovated locker room and enhance the experience we are providing for the student-athletes but it allows us to do some things operationally that will allow us to provide a better product on the field,” Alford said.

To renew your season tickets visit or call 850.644.1830.