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There’s no better feeling than cheering on a Seminoles sports team to victory, and maybe you’ve even considered retiring in Tallahassee to have the opportunity to support FSU all year around. But if you think coming back to cheer on the ‘Noles would be fun, here’s another great reason for dedicated Florida State fans to choose Tallahassee.

As part of a national movement aimed at opening the doors of universities to students of all ages, Florida State University founded a local chapter of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI). OLLI receives funding through membership dues, class fees, private donations and the Bernard Osher Foundation, all of which enables the program to offer more than 90 courses each year. These classes allow seasoned students over the age of 50 to learn more about subjects they are truly passionate about.

Choose Tallahassee, a nonprofit dedicated to showcasing this area as a premier retirement destination, is proud to promote such a unique experience for seniors who find learning fun!

Get Involved

The OLLI program is an exciting scholarly initiative tailored to adults who thrive in a stress-free learning environment. This means no tests, no homework and no grades! Courses are offered at FSU’s campus as well as Westminster Oaks retirement community and other prominent locations throughout the community. Adults are encouraged to expand their intellectual horizons and can choose from more than 40 classes each semester on topics such as contemporary trends and issues, health sciences, art and world history. Members can also take advantage of exclusive trips, special events, lectures and clubs, providing the perfect opportunity to socialize and meet other Tallahassee locals. Most recently, OLLI organized a 13-day “Shades of_ Ireland” _field trip for members to experience a historical tour of Northern Ireland.

There are so many benefits to becoming an OLLI member! Ready to head back to school? Register for classes today at

Extracurricular Offerings

Eager to connect with peers and learn additional skills through hands-on involvement? Members have the opportunity to join any of OLLI’s 10 exceptional clubs! Voracious readers can discuss Ernest hemingway’s most captivating work at the monthly Book Club. If learning another language sounds intriguing, the Spanish Club meets once a week, with the last meeting of each month held at a different Hispanic restaurant to savor lunch and learn in a stimulating venue. Additional clubs include a writing group, travel club, walking and paddling clubs, to name a few. If there isn’t already an extracurricular that catches your eye, members are always welcome to create new groups. OLLI makes expanding your horizons with likeminded individuals easy and enriching.

Don’t just take our word for it. With more than 1,300 individuals participating in OLLI activities, there is no shortage of viewpoints to discover. Here’s what a few students have to say about their experience:

“The OLLI program offers so much more than just going to classes – there’s an abundance of exciting activities to take part in! As active members of the travel club, my wife and I have studied abroad in Florence, Barcelona and most recently London where we had the unique opportunity to stay in flats located in the heart of the city.” –  John Kilgore, Seminole Booster & OLLI Member since 2008

“I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to act as both a teacher and student within the OLLI community for the past eight years. There is something about being in a room full of individuals eager to learn that makes the classes not only intellectually stimulating but also fun and engaging!” – Ruth Akers, Seminole Booster & OLLI Member since 2010

“When my husband and I moved back to Tallahassee for retirement, it was hard for me to find ways to reconnect with the community. In my quest to find a local book club, I stumbled upon the OLLI program. Today, I can proudly say that joining this community expanded my academic and cultural horizons, introduced me to my closest friends and ultimately gave me a place to call home.” –  Susan Yelton, Seminole Booster & Past OLLI President and Member since 2004

Teaching Opportunities

While many Tallahassee locals take delight in learning about new subjects, some are already experts in their own right. If you are passionate about something and want to apply as an OLLI teacher, you can submit proposals to the OLLI Council class-curriculum committee to be considered. Individuals can also help plan and organize member activities and events by becoming a volunteer. There are numerous opportunities available to get involved and meet others in a familiar and fun atmosphere!

Life is full of difficult choices but choosing where to retire shouldn’t be one of them. Think you’re ready to make Tallahassee your retirement destination? Visit for more information.

About Choose Tallahassee

Choose Tallahassee is a grassroots nonprofit that was founded by local Tallahasseeans. As a group, we are dedicated to showing retirees all that our hometown has to offer. Tallahassee boasts beautiful outdoors, exceptional healthcare, an abundance of recreational offerings and more. Choose Tallahassee is made up of over 60 local volunteers from both public and private entities. Deciding where to retire can be difficult, but Choose Tallahassee is dedicated to showcasing the clear answer.

Interested potential members can learn more about all classes and activities available at the OLLI showcase on Monday, Sept. 16 at the Turnbull Center on FSU’s campus. A complete list can also be found at